John's Crazy Socks Sock Wranglers Featured on Fox5 New York

Three Sock Wranglers from John's Crazy Socks made an appearance on a news report on Fox5 New York. The news story began by interviewing Chelsie Fonseca, Jon "Brick" Bleeker and Masoom Syed. Each got to talk about the work they do and the contributions they make at John's Crazy Socks. 

"I loved ii." said Jon "brick" Bleeker.

John Cronin, co-founder and inspiration for John's Crazy Socks, said, "I love to see my colleagues get the attention they deserve. They do great work."

Fox5 reporter Jodi Goldberg first reported a story on John's Crazy Socks in March 2017 and was excited to see the company thriving and growing. The most recent story featured the ribbon cutting at the new warehouse for JOhn's Crazy Socks. 

John's father and co-founder, Mark X. Cronin, said, "we are steadily growing our business and that means more jobs for people with differing abilities, more jobs for people like Jon, Chelsie and Masoom." 

You can see Jodi Goldberg's most recent Fox5 story below and then see her original story from 2017.