Holiday Gift Guide 2022: 25 Best Socks for Sports Fans

Looking for a gift for your favorite sports fan. Check out the latest looks, hottest socks of the Holiday season. We have a pair of sports themed socks for everyone. Presents for soccer fans, hockey fans, Football fans, basketball fans and more!

1: Football Fantic Family: Sunday Funday Socks For All

Sunday Funday Football Socks

These Sunday Funday Socks might give your favorite football team some good luck.  So sit back on your couch or brave the excitement at the Stadium with a pair of Sunday Funday Socks. 


2. The Baseball fan that likes to drink

Relief Pitcher Men's Crew Sock

Throw on your Relief Pitcher Men's Crew Socks before your next game and watch your teammates eye your feet with envy. Wear them because it’s Wednesday. Or Thursday. Or Friday. Or Saturday. Because you love baseball and beer every day.

 Review:Great! Quick, fun, and easy!!

3.Baseball Socks Men's Crew Sock

Whether you are down on the field playing or cheering on your favorite team from up in the stands, these Baseball Socks are the perfect pair to show your love for the great sport of baseball!

Although it is played all around the world, baseball’s popularity in the United States has earned it the title of “America’s Favorite Pastime”. Since it is so popular, we are confident that these Baseball Socks will be a big hit for any sports fan!


Excellent, My sons loved their new socks. You have an incredible selection and was able to get them both a pair that meant something to them. Thank You John & Mark so much.

4.Lacrosse Player Socks Men's Crew Sock

These Lacrosse Player Socks are the perfect accessory for any lacrosse lover!  The classic grey background showcases the lacrosse player in mid-stride [or mid-strike]!


5.Soccer Men's Crew Socks

Wearing these Soccer Ball Socks, you know that there’s only one kind of futbol. You may play soccer. You may not. But one thing is for certain: you appreciate the sport. You know it’s not about the number of goals scored in a match but about the plays created therein. Soccer is all about suspense.


6.Power Play Hockey Gift Bag For Him

Hockey, it's not just a game, it's a way of life.

Do you love the Mighty Ducks? Do you wait for the pond to freeze over so you can get out and hit the puck around? Or do you play year round in an indoor skating rink? This hockey lover gift bag is for you!

Shred some ice with our Power Play Hockey Gift Bag For Him. He shoots! He scores! 


7. Strike Bowling Socks

From the amateurs to the professionals, Strike Bowling Socks display your love for the deceivingly-intense sport.

Picture it now: You step up on the lane and line up your shot. A slight curve takes the ball directly into the inside pocket on the right side of the pins. A spectacular explosion of pins knocks them all down for the 11th time in a row. The crowd that has gathered behind you goes absolutely berserk.


I gave a couple of pair to my son-in-law for Christmas and he loved them! Most of all, we loved the handwritten note. Thank you so much, and so happy for your huge success! As a mother of a severely autistic son, I love seeing adults with special needs thriving and living life to the fullest! BRAVO!

8.Fishing Lure Socks

Grab your pole, bait, and Fishing Lure Socks! It is time to hit the docks and catch some fish! 


Awesome!! Great socks and so many fun choices! Have already recommended to several friends as a fun gift idea and a company worth supporting.

9.Do You Even Lift Bro Men's Crew Sock

Bro.  No, seriously Bro. Do you even lift?? Our Do You Even Lift Bro Men's Crew Socksare the perfect gift for the weight lifting bro in you life.  As any exercise guru (or some may call, gym rat) will say, gym is life

10.Set Point Socks Women's Crew Sock

Introducing the  Set Point Socks Women’s Crew Sock.  These awesome, brightly colored socks are perfect for you or your favorite tennis fan.

Who could resist these fun and colorful socks? 


11.Pro Wrestling Men's Crew Socks

Whether you watch WWE or AEW, you love pro wrestling! Why? Because RAWR!

Show off your passion of pro wrestling to your friends and family with a fun pair of Pro Wrestling socks.


12.Talk Birdie To Me Men's Crew Sock

Every day is a good day to golf.  Have your significant other sweet talk you in our Talk Birdie To Me Men's Crew Socks. These are the perfect socks for the golf lover to add to their collection!


13.Mighty Pucks Socks Men's Crew Sock

Calling all hockey fans! The Mighty Pucks Socks are here! Get ready to enjoy some good old hockey while wearing these stylish sock

Review:My daughter is a real “puck-head” playing hockey as many as four games a week! These socks were a perfect Christmas gift!


14.Men's Rowers Crew Socks

Our Men's Rowers Crew Socks are made for rowers because they do it best. 

In 1828, the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge ran the first ‘boat race’ and it’s become an annual tradition that continues to this day.These are a great rower gift for someone who makes it a part of their everyday fitness!


15.Golf Socks Men's Crew Sock

For the golf lover in every man.  These Golf Socks will add that touch of class to the golf course. 

Do you consider yourself a golf aficionado? Then you need these socks!


16.Soccer Ball Socks Men’s Crew Sock

Wearing these Soccer Ball Socks, you know that there’s only one kind of futbol. You may play soccer. You may not. But one thing is for certain: you appreciate the sport. You know it’s not about the number of goals scored in a match but about the plays created therein. Soccer is all about suspense.


Absolutely love all the socks I bought for my husband and myself for Christmas! He is a school counselor and I’m an OT in schools. Can’t wait to wear them to work! Thank you and Merry Christmas!

17.Sunday Football Socks

Wouldn’t any football fan love Sunday Football Socks?  Nothing is better on a Sunday than sitting in your chair watching the NFL and rooting for your favorite team.


They are a gift for my son. I haven't given them yet. I've bought your socks before and they're very well made. I bought 14 pairs this time and can't wait to give them to my family! Thanks for the candy!!

18.Golfer Men's Crew Socks

When you're ready to tee off, get your head in the game with these Golfer Crew Socks. Get ready to hit a hole in one! With these men's sports socks, you'll be the godfather of the green! 

These fun sports themed socks make a perfect gift for golf lovers.

19.Football Socks Men's Crew Sock

Get on the grid iron with these Football Socks.Perfect for the big game or just an average weekend watching your favorite team.


I ordered four pairs of socks one morning for my husband right after I saw John and his Dad on Fox. My husband loves all four pair and he is getting many compliments! He loves to show them off particularly at church and I love to spread precious John's story.

20.Buoy Men's Crew Sock

There are five basic buoy shapes: can, nun, spherical, pillar, and spar.   All are displayed on our Buoy Men's Crew Socks.   Give the man that keeps you afloat our wonderful navy Buoy Men's Crew Socks.  He will love the sentiment of them, especially if he's a fisherman (or wants to be!


21.Soccer Player Men's Crew Sock

We salute the beautiful game of soccer with our Soccer Player Men's Crew Socks.

It’s never been just a match to you. It’s never been just a sport. No, it is so much more than that. You eat, sleep, and breathe soccer. It is your biggest passion. It is what you live for. You know nothing compares to the excitement, the suspense, and the surprises that a match brings. Whether you are a passionate player, or a diehard fan - these socks are for you.


22.40 Love Men's Crew Sock

We can all agree that tennis has a rather unique scoring system. Going from 15 then to 30 and then to 40, it’s a rather strange point system. But being unique is a good thing and these  40 Love Tennis Socks Men’s Crew Sock  celebrates it. These socks are colored like a tennis ball with its signature light green color as well as featuring a series of rackets and several printings of the word love on the sock. 


23.Bicycles Men's Crew Socks

Get ready to wear these cycling socks on your next big adventure. Everyone will love seeing these bike-themed socks on the course. The colorful bike designs will surely make everyone smile!

This is a comfortable style that can pair with any outfit! Just be warned these socks might cause you to burst out in song singing "Bicycle Race" by Queen.


24.Pickleball Women's Crew Socks

The fastest growing sport in the US is pickleball. Somewhat like tennis but on a smaller court and played with paddles and a wiffle-like ball (slightly smaller), this game is taking hold. Gyms are now providing courts and lines are being drawn on tennis courts to accommodate this fun sport. Give it a try…get pickling!


25.Skiing Men's Crew Socks

Head downhill in style with our Skiing Men's Crew Socks. These socks are perfect for gliding over a mogul, floating a jump, or carving a path through ungroomed forest trails. Order them today for your next ski trip!