9 Best Hiking Socks of 2022 For Men & Women Boot Socks

1.Bee Men's Hiking Socks What more can a great outdoorsmen need?  Our Bee Men's Hiking Socks are simple yet cozy for the outdoorsy man in your life. These hiking socks are perfect for a day of outdoor adventures (after your early morning brew, of course!) $19.99


2. Bison Hiking Men's Crew Socks If you think bison are the amazing and awesome animals of the U.S. plains and prairie then these Bison Hiking Men's Crew Socks are perfect for your sock collection. These days they roam wild only at parks like Yellowstone. The mighty Bison was the cornerstone of wild America centuries ago. In tribute, we have the Bison Hiking Men's Crew Socks. $19.99


3.Mountain Top Boot SocksYour love for the outdoors will be on full display in our Mountain Top Boot Socks. Go hiking or mountain climbing in our warm and comfy boot socks.  Available for both men and women to enjoy.

These socks are a collaboration between Socksmith and Atomic Child, resulting in premium, high-quality socks encapsulating beautiful landscapes that can be appreciated by all nature lovers, to be worn outdoors and indoors alike. $14.99 -$16.99


4. Bee Hiking Socks Women's Crew Sock Hiking: a great way to enjoy the outdoors. However, you sometimes won’t enjoy how your socks look so bland with your hiking boots. We at John’s Crazy Socks have the solution; these Bee Hiking Socks Women's Crew Sock feel great, and have great durability! $14.99


5.Brew With a View Men's Boot SocksNature and Beer. What more can an outdoorsmen need?  Our Brew With a View Men's Boot Socks are humorous as well as cozy for the outdoorsy man in your life. These boot socks are perfect for a day of outdoor adventures (after your early morning brew, of course!) $16.99


6.Leave No Trace Boot Socks

Leave everything just as you found it. Hiking and camping without a trace are signs of an expert outdoorsman.  Our Leave No Trace Men's Boot Socks are our way of giving your favorite outdoorsman a way to showcase this great task. These boot socks are thicker than our normal socks, so they are super comfortable to wear under your pair of favorite boots! $16.99


7.Fishing Upstream Men's Hiking Socks

If you've ever tried fishing upstream, you'll know that it really is as hard as it looks. That's why we sat for about 15 hours watching the brown bear on this pair do it. Call it research. $16.99
8.Social Distancing Champ Men's Hiking Socks

This pair of Outlands boot socks was designed for that friend who has become a real pro at social distancing. When you have these shipped to them, please let them know that each style from this collection comes equipped with a padded footbed, moisture wicking cotton, and arch support. $16.99


9.Bear Hiking Socks Men's Crew Sock

Why don’t you take a hike in our Bear Hiking Socks Men's Crew Socks?

They told us growing up to never, ever go hiking with bare feet. But as of right now, it’s possible to go hiking with BEAR feet in our Bear Hiking Socks Men's Crew Socks