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Bernie Sanders Meme Inauguration Socks

Bernie Sanders Meme Inauguration Crew Socks

Here are our tribute socks to the Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders. 

Our Bernie Sanders Meme Socks  let everyone know exactly how you're feeling. Bernie Sanders became a meme because he showed up to the 2021 inauguration dressed so … so HIM. The Senator and Presidential candidate wore signature Vermont mittens, a parka, and carried an envelope like he had errands to run afterwards.  It was perfect. 

Are you the person that's always thinking to themselves in a meeting, "This could have been an email?" Then these socks are for you.

Wear these socks and let everyone know how you're feeling. It's a mood, for sure! Are you "feeling the Bern"? 

Style: Crew
  • Fits most Women sizes 9-11
  • Fits Most Men Shoe Size 7-12.5 
Sock Maker: Rock 'Em Socks
Materials: 42% polyester, 36% cotton, 15% nylon, 6% natural latex rubber, 1% spandex 
Country of Origin: Imported