Mother's Day 2018 Gift Sock Boxes

Mother’s Day Gifts Large Boxes of Socks Picked by John

Mother’s Day is one of John’s favorite holidays because he loves his mom so much. John has selected 2 styles of large boxes for Mother’s Day so that every mom can get the perfect gift from John’s Crazy Socks. These boxes come in different varieties for mom, approved by John, himself. So, whether your mom is sassy or traditional, you can find gifts for them here.

Is your mom more traditional? A book loving mom? We have found the perfect Mother’s Day box for her, available in two options: Ultimate or Standard. Featuring some of John’s favorite socks such as Banned Books and Colorful Butterfly’s, the standard option includes six traditional socks all hand picked by John. The Ultimate option also comes with one mug of your choosing (I love my mom, I love my grandma & You are my Super Hero) and a delicious 4 pack of Collettey’s Cookies. This deal is only available for Mother’s Day, so get your Traditional Box of Socks today.


Is your mom feisty? Well, we have the perfect box for her. The “Sassy Mom Box of Socks” is available in two options: Ultimate or Standard. The standard box of socks comes with six pairs of socks ranging from “I’m’ not bossy” socks, “I’m the boss” socks, and “Stop talking” socks. The ultimate Sassy Box includes the same six socks, but also includes four delicious cookies from Collettey’s Cookies, and an option of three mugs with the sayings: I love my mom, I love my grandma, or You are my Super Hero. Collettey’s Cookies are made by Colette, a young woman with Down syndrome. John and Colette are proud to team up and collaborate for this Mother’s Day box.

Get the Standard for Only: $49.99

Get the Ultimate for only: $59.99