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John Takes Time Off from Socks for Fun at the Water Park

John Cronin, the co-founder and inspiration for John’s Crazy Socks, the world’s largest sock store, may be the hardest working man in socks, but he knows how to have fun too. Life cannot be all socks, all the time. This weekend, John headed west to the wilds of Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains for a weekend at the Great Wolf Lodge. It meant time at their indoor water park, mini-golfing, bowling and more. 

John at Great Wolf Lodge

“This is so much fun,” said John. “I love going to water parks.” 

The idea for the weekend was born the night of the National Down Syndrome Society Annual Gala. They held a silent auction and one of the items included a one night stay at the Great Wolf Lodge. John read this in the program and was oohing and ahhing over it.  Little did he know that his parents put in a bid and won the night for John. That turned into a weekend of fun and games for John. 

John bowling

“I am so grateful that my parents planned this weekend,” said John. “I love water parks and I got to go bowling and play mini-golf. It was awesome.” 

Indeed, John took to the waterpark like the big kid that he is. 

John ready to go swimming

John explained. “I know there are times when it is important to work hard and to work long hours.  Last weekend, we moved our offices and I worked late every night and worked all weekend. And this week, I was out at events on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night. And I love it. I love my sock business and love working on my sock business. I love socks. But I also know it is important to have fun.” 

John at the arcade

Yes, John Cronin, sock tycoon, owner of the world’s largest sock store, knows how to work hard, but he reminds all of us to take time for fun too. And wear great socks while having fun.  

John ready for fun with his great socks

Want to hear more about John’s adventures and share in the fun? Check out The Spreading Happiness Podcast with John and Mark. He hit podcast offers a half-hour each week of John and Mark bantering, telling stores, sharing good news and cracking jokes. It will leave you smiling and feeling good.

John at the bowling alley


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