John Never Misses the Opportunity to Vote - John's Crazy Socks

John Never Misses the Opportunity to Vote

It’s Election Season and John is Voting

We are coming up on election day and early voting is open in New York. John never misses an opportunity to vote. He wants his voice to be heard. John is an informed voter: he studies the candidates (and has met many of them), reads about the ballot propositions and asks questions.

People with differing abilities are often silenced or ignored, John makes sure his voice his heard and there is no better way to speak up than to vote. 

At John's Crazy Socks, we advocate for the rights of people with differing abilities. As our co-founder and inspiration, John Cronin together with his co-founder and father, Mark X. Cronin, often meets with legislators and legislative staff to push issues that matter to people with differing abilities. They have testified twice before Congress and spoken at the United Nations as part of their advocacy issues. Yet the single most important step John can take and any of us can take is to get out and vote.  When people with differing abilities go to the ballot box, they cannot be ignored. 


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