Fun and Affordable Gifts for Father’s Day: Eight Great Socks for Dad

Our co-founder and inspiration, John Cronin, has Down syndrome, but that hasn’t stopped him from setting up John’s Crazy Socks, an online sock store with a mission to spread happiness through socks.  

John loves his socks and loves his Dad. He’s put together a great collection of socks for Father’s Day. That collection includes two Father’s Day Gift Boxes. Here is John’s list of eight great socks for Dad:

 Dad Joke Socks

Dad Jokes Socks: “Ain’t no bad joke, like a Dad joke.” John says, “I love joking around with my Dad and most of his jokes are actually funny.”  $12


Craft Beer Socks: “I like going out with my Dad. I get a ginger ale and he gets an IPA. He loves craft beer.” $10

 BBQ SOcks

BBQ Socks: “My Dad and I both love BBQ food. These are some of my favorite socks and I wear them all the time.” $12


Shark Attack Socks: “I think these socks look really cool and they remind me of playing games with my Dad in the pool.” $10.

 Baseball Socks

Baseball Socks: “My Dad and I like watching baseball together. We are Met fans so it is hard to watch this year.” $12

 Sizzling Bacon Socks: “I like bacon and my brother says everything goes better with bacon, so I want to get my Dad bacon socks.” $12

 Golf Socks

Golf Socks: “I love playing mini-golf with my Dad, so I know he’ll like to wear these golf socks.” $12

 Mr. Fix It Socks

Mr. Fix It Socks: “This is kind of funny because my Dad doesn’t really fix stuff around the house.” $12

 Sunday Football Socks

Football Fan Socks:“I love watching football with my Dad. I would like it a lot more if the Jets won more games.” $12


These socks and hundreds more are available at John’s Crazy Socks. We offer same day shipping so most customers receive their orders within two days. We make it personal: every package gets a thank you card from John and some candy. Plus, we give back. We pledge 5 percent of our earnings to the Special Olympics and our awareness socks raise money for our charity partners including the National Down Syndrome Society and Autism Speaks.