Color Your Own Autism Awareness Sock For Autism Awareness Month

🖍Let's Get Creative With An Autism Awareness Sock✏️🧩
 We are a few days away from World Autism Awareness Day and Autism Awareness Month and think this coloring page is perfect. Many of my colleagues here at John's Crazy Socks are on the autism spectrum. We want to show the world what is possible. We employ people on the autism spectrum because they can help our organization achieve its mission. These colleagues make important contributions to the organization every day and we count on their performance. We emphasize what people can do, not their limitations.   

Visit Our Autism Awareness sock for some art inspiration:
  • Here are the rules:
  • 🖍 Art has no rules
  • 🖍 Print Out Our Coloring Page
  • 🖍 Color With ( Crayons, Markers, Paint, Pencil, Chalk, Pens)
  • 🖍Share your design with us #FutureSockDesigner #Johnscrazysocks