30 Novelty Christmas Socks For Men & Women

Christmas socks are here. Time to get into the holiday spirit! Match your crazy holiday socks to your favorite Christmas sweater. From festive socks to cozy socks we have the best selection of Christmas themed socks for Men and Women.

1.Winter Bird Watch Crew Sock - Available in Men & Women

These awesome cardinal socks bring a sense of peace when you look at them. The beautiful red cardinal, perched upon an evergreen branch, surrounded by gently falling snow. 

They are perfect bird lover socks, or for anyone who truly enjoys looking out the window and catching a surprise glimpse of a red cardinal.


Better quality than more expensive/pretentious brands. Very comfortable and love the skill of graphic designers who did the patterns, I think they nailed it

2.Goodie Gumdrops Women's Crew Sock

Super sweet Goodie Gumdrops are the very best treat for your feet!

Imagine the scent of fresh baked holiday cookies that fills your kitchen. These are perfect socks to wear when baking your famous Christmas cookies (or a Christmas party hostess gift!) 

These gingerbread cookie socks look good enough to eat!

3.Christmas Cookies Ankle Socks

Some of the best Christmas memories comes from baking Christmas cookies. Wear these Christmas socks at the holiday party or midnight, just be sure to bring your appetite!


Love the Christmas Socks!!! Will definitely be buying more.

4.Stocking Pupper Socks 

What is the one gift you always wanted under the Christmas tree? An adorable puppy? You might not have got a puppy for Christmas but you can still enjoy these adorable Stocking Pupper Socks. 

Just look at these striking design of the socks. A cute puppy peeking out of a stocking? What more could you want on Christmas morning? This yellow labrador retriever is too cute! 


5.Christmas Lights Crew Socks 

Are you too lazy to decorate your house for Christmas but still want to show people you are in the Christmas spirit?

Well, our Christmas Lights Socks are the perfect way to show off the Christmas spirit. Wear the Christmas Lights Socks while decorating the tree or just relaxing with some "spirits" of the season in front of a fire!


I usually buy Christmas hats for our family, this year I decided to change to Christmas Socks. Beautiful well made socks, they are comfy, bright and will be enjoyed by our family for many years. Blessings and wish’s for a Merry Christmas

6.Cheez It White Cheddar Men's Crew Socks

It's cool to be cheesy.  🧀 Rock out in our Cheez It White Cheddar Men's Crew Socks to show how true that statement really is to you.  

Are Cheez Its your favorite go to snack? Or do you know someone who could put away an entire box in one sitting? These socks are perfect for the person who always makes sure they have these in their pantry!

7.Deck The Halls Women's Crew Socks

“Deck the halls with boughs of holly..." Sorry, now I've got the song in your head, don't I?

These socks are perfect for your office holiday party and holiday grab bag! Ward off the cold, stay delightful when it’s frightful, pick up a pair of Deck The Halls Women's Crew Socks.


8.Santasaurus Rex Socks

Let's combine two of your favorite things in a pair of socks - Christmas and dinosaurs!  These beautiful Santasaurus Rex Socks feature the classic designs of the holiday season - Christmas trees, wrapped gifts, Rudolph, fair isle, and snowflakes - together with a T-Rex wearing a Santa hat as well as other dinosaurs in holiday attire!

These Santasaurus Rex Socks are the perfect way to celebrate Christmas in a Jurassic way!


Birthday gift for a family member. They loved the gift and the socks.


9.Festive Scotties Women's Crew Socks

Have your elf a merry little Christmas in our Festive Scotties Women's Crew Socks. These cheery dog loving Festive Scotties Women's Crew Socks are great way to show off all winter season.

Who doesn't love a festive scotty dog wearing a Santa hat? Or as fancy people call them...Scottish Terriers!


10.Santa Unicorn Ankle Socks

Get these Santa Unicorn Ankle Socks now for the winter holiday season!

Perfect for cozying up and watching your favorite holiday movie!


11.Workin' On My Santa Bod Unisex Crew Socks

Milk, cookies, and beer - the fastest way to Workin' On My Santa Bod Unisex Crew Socks. 

Kick up you feet and let that belly hang free with these on your feet. Get ready for your winter body with these funny Santa socks!

12.Cardinal Women's Knee High Socks

Cardinals hold a special place in many lives. Take your seasonal bird style up by adding these beautiful socks to your collection. 

The Cardinal Women's Knee High Socks are a beautiful addition to your winter wardrobe!

13.Merry Slothmas Crew Socks

Ward off the cold, stay delightful when it’s frightful, pick up a pair of Merry Slothmas Crew Socks.

Do you love these slow-moving creatures or know someone who does?  These socks are great for them.  Maybe you just want to channel the sloth message for the holidays: "Chill.  Be Cool."  Maybe you're hoping that Santa will bring you one of these for the holidays!


14.Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Unisex Crew Socks

Are you feeling nostalgic for one of your favorite Christmas movies? 

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals Socks honors one of your favorite scenes from Home Alone. Best worn while eating an ice cream sundae, this holiday sock is a must have for this Christmas season. So be Kevin Mcallister and wear your Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Socks today.


15.Elf Puppy Ankle Socks

Get these Elf Puppy Ankle Socks now for the winter holiday season!

Perfect for cozying up and watching your favorite holiday movie!


16.Winter Reindeer Crew Socks

Few things say Christmas more than reindeer!  We have these beautiful Winter Reindeer Socks so that you can celebrate the holiday season in style.  Featuring stately reindeer on the background of a starry night, these socks are sure to make you smile.  Make sure you look for Rudolph and his shiny nose!  These Winter Reindeer Socks perfectly complement any holiday outfit.


17.Christmas Elf Socks Unisex Ankle Socks

Why do Christmas elves all wear the same shoes? Are you jealous that they get to scamper about in their pointy adorable shoes, helping Santa prepare for the big day?

One look at these socks and you know they are perfect for you or the elf in your life!

These Christmas Elf Socks Unisex Ankle Socks will be spreading tons of Christmas and Holiday cheer.


18.Christmas Kitten Women's Knee High Socks

The Christmas Kitten Women's Knee High Socks are elegant and witty socks. It is ideal for the well-dressed woman with a dry sense of humor. Just look at these striking design of the socks. Of course, there are presents. After all this is a Christmas socks, but it is the inscrutable cat that dominates. See the kitty with antlers. See the kitty with a Santa hat. 

We can’t decide why the kitty is wearing the antlers and the hat. Is it simply the kitty enjoying some irony? Or did the kitty’s owner decide these would be good items to wear for Christmas. If so, the kitty does not appear amused.


19.Naughty Reindeer Game Socks 

Pictured on Naughty Reindeer Game Socks: Santa’s team on Christmas Morning, enjoying some R&R after a world-tour.

Because you’re a licentious rake, and a great lover of the holidays, you will adore Naughty Reindeer Game Socks. These beautiful blue socks show a green reindeer subtly mounting a red reindeertrix. Or they show Dasher and Dancer in a moment of tender seclusion, panting and moaning as reindeer do. Wear these socks Christmas Eve or while gettin' frisky and enjoy a seasonally-appropriate tingle of perversion shoot up your spine



20.Nutcracker Women's Slipper Socks

Our Nutcracker Women's Slipper Socks are the next best thing to happen to your crazy sock drawer!

Nutcracker Women's Slipper Socks transpose a mustachioed soldier with yellow epaulets and a blocky set of chompers onto your feet. 


21.Hey Jesus It's Your Birthday Unisex Crew Socks

What better way to celebrate the birth of your main man JC than with these sweet Hey Jesus It's Your Birthday Unisex Crew Socks!

Show them off at Christmas dinner. There's no doubt that grandma will love them. Well, maybe not...but at least they're good for conversation!


22.Classic Coke Santa Women's Crew Socks

These classic socks depict Santa checking his list [and checking it twice] in front of a roaring fireplace while enjoying a well-known carbonated beverage! These Classic Coke Santa Socks let you celebrate the holiday season in style.  You just know that Santa can't wait to drink the Coca-Cola sitting on the mantel as soon as his work is done!

These Classic Coke Santa Socks are a wonderful accessory to any holiday outfit.


23.Santa 3D Socks

What's better than Santa Claus' arrival every Christmas Eve?  Why the Santa 3D Socks, of course!  These adorable seasonal socks feature Santa's jolly face with his hat at a jaunty angle on the top of the sock.  These Santa 3D Socks are sure to be a hit on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning or anytime you just want some holiday spirit!


24.Let It Snow Blue Women's Crew Socks

“These Let It Snow Socks are a masterpiece of frost of and fancy,” said one of Santa’s Little Helpers, stirring a vat of hot eggnog. Ward off the cold, stay delightful when it’s frightful, pick up a pair of Let It Snow Socks! Let it snow, let it snow, Let It Snow Socks!


25.White Christmas Socks for Women

Celebrate the holidays with these White Christmas Socks! 

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas but red will do!" sends the message that you want to celebrate with some fine wine!  These festive White Christmas Socks are a beautiful green covered with snowflakes and a few glasses of wine - one sporting a Santa cap!

These fun White Christmas Socks are a wonderful treat for yourself or a great gift for a woman who loves celebrating! 


26.Christmas Campers Men's Crew Socks

These campers are all decked out with Christmas lights, ready to celebrate the holidays!

If you love camping, the Christmas Campers Men's Crew Socks is perfect to remind you of all your happy camping memories. 


27.Santa Knows Socks for Men

The all-knowing Santa Claus "knows when you've been drinking and knows when you are baked" so don't bother trying to hide those cocktails!  These festive Santa Knows Socks have a seasonal red and green trim and are festooned with holiday treats - alcoholic and otherwise!

These fun Santa Knows Socks are a perfect holiday accessory.  They are a great stocking stuffer or gift for that friend who's impossible to shop for!


28.Bah humbug Women's Crew Socks

 Don't be an Ebenezer Scrooge sheep! Don't say Bah humbug to everything spread some holiday cheer with these hilarious holiday-themed socks. 


29.Cold Outside Elf Men's Crew Sock 

Son of a nutcracker! Inspired by the 2003 Will Ferrell holiday classic, spread some seasonal cheer this year with Buddy the Elf. Stance's latest Xmas-inspired collection features a recut of our popular "I Know Him!" release along with an all-new knit style depicting Santa's biggest fan in the throws of yuletide stoke, loud enough for all to hear. 


30.Xmas Lights Moose Socks

These olive socks depict a whimsical moose with Christmas lights in his antlers.

Xmas Lights Moose Socks are the perfect gift for your favorite moose.