20 Best Gift Socks Under $15 - Affordable Gift Ideas For Men

Looking for the wow gift of the holiday season? Check out some of our favorite gift ideas from men under $15.


1.Everlast 3 Pack Men's Low Cut Socks $5.99

Going for a run? Running errands? Or just enjoying the day? This 3 pack Everlast 1/2 cushion pack is your answer. Comfort and convenience in one. Stay EVER-COOL!

2.Stars & Stripes 3 Pack Liner Socks $8.99

Three cheers for these men's liners socks. The Stars & Stripes 3 Pack liner is the perfect low cut sock for anyone who likes to keep their sock game on the down low.


3.Bacon And Eggs Men's Liner Socks $8.99

Do you love eggs or Bacon or both?  Well our Bacon And Eggs Men's Liner Socks will be perfect for you. These socks go as great together as...well...you guessed it...bacon and eggs! They're the basis for any delicious breakfast!


4.Poop Sponge $6.99

What do you get the guy who loves to make poop and fart jokes? Look no further.

Our Poop Sponge is sure to leave your kitchen and dishes sparkling clean. The Poop Sponge cleansspoons, spatulas, and other utensils.

It will make you smile as you clean! It has a scrubber backing for hard to clean messes!

5.One More Episode Men's Crew Sock $8.99

Are you a binge watcher? Love Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, Hulu?  Do you tell yourself every night - "I'll just watch one more"??  Then, these One More Episode Socks are perfect when you're lounging on the couch and binge watching the latest and greatest shows!

These beautiful blue socks depict a literal couch potato [the "couch" looks remarkably like a red potato] with an extended remote control.  When you're wearing One More Episode Socks, you'll never want to get up from the couch because it's so cozy!

6.John's Patriotic Firework Unisex Crew Socks $10.99

Ready to show you're a proud American? Created by John, this Patriotic Firework Crew Sock is a fun addition to any sock collection.

7.Off Duty Go Ask Mom Unisex Crew Socks $10.99

These socks do the talking, so you don't have to!

These funny socks say "Off Duty, Go Ask Mom" so everyone knows that you're off the clock! 

8.The Dog'll Get It Dish Towel $13.99

Our The Dog'll Get It Dish Towels are sure to leave your kitchen and dishes sparkling clean.  

We all do it.  Our fur baby is basically our cleaner whenever we drop some food while cooking because we know they'll get it.  

9.Good Burger Men's Ankle Sock $10.99

Take a huge bite out of our Good Burger Men's Ankle Socks. These juicy, delicious, and cozy socks just need a side of 🍟 to make these any better. Hamburger lovers, rejoice!


10.Waffle Texture Crew Socks 3 Pack Socks $11.99

Ready for your favorite new socks? Ready to have super comfy feet?

The Waffle Texture 3 Pack of Crew Socks will be your new favorite pair of socks!


11.Packin Snacks Small Tote Bag $12.99

Looking for an sustainable and reusable bag for bringing your lunch?

Or do you want to turn heads with a good-looking tote bag while you run around town doing your errands?

Look no further! Our amazing and funny Packin' Snacks Small Tote Bag is durable, sassy, and the perfect tote bag size to carry around all of your stuff!


12.Red Planet Men's Crew Socks $12.99

Mars is known as the Red Planet because iron minerals in the Martian soil oxidize, or rust, causing the soil and atmosphere to look red. 

Mars Rover landed safely on the Red Planet!

There's a lot of Red Planet talk lately, so why not gift yourself (or your favorite science guy) our Red Planet Men's Crew Socks?


13.Kangaroo Socks - Crew Socks for Men $12.99

What's cuter than a kangaroo hopping through the outback with a huge southern hemisphere moon in the background!  Our Kangaroo Socks are just the socks for you!

Okay - our Kangaroo Socks have the little critters hopping on pogo sticks so they may not be truly accurate!  Here at John's Crazy Socks, we love fun and crazy so we love these pogo-sticking Kangaroo Socks!

14.Dogs 3 Pack Crew Socks $11.99

Some dogs are classy and like to have style. This Dogs 3 Pack of Crew Socks is for the person who is just starting their crazy sock journey. Let them ease into crazy socks with these. Then, once they're ready....there will be no stopping them! 


15.T-Rex Socks - Crew Socks for Men $12.99

Who cares if you have little arms.  You have a big mouth in our T-Rex Socks! Tyrannosaurus means tyrant lizard and rex means king.  So, in our T-Rex Socks you can be King of the Lizards [and a tyrant to boot, if you wish]!



16.Googly Pineapple Socks $12.99

What fun to wear these quirky and nifty Googly Pineapple Socks. There’s a fun pineapple character who is the star of these socks. Let him (we think it’s a him) carry you to the tropics. Imagine you’re on a sandy beach with the shade of this tropical favorite.


17.Basketball Socks $12.99

If hoops is your game, then these B-Ball Basketball Socks are for you. Well-made and long-lasting, these crew socks were made in the USA and fit both men and women.

18.Believe In Science Men's Crew Socks $12.99

The Believe In Science Men's Crew Socks are a mandatory addition to your sock collection. If you love biology, chemistry, or just have a true appreciation for all the work doctors and nurses do for us everyday, you need these socks!

19.Constellation Men's Crew Sock $12.99

These Constellation Men's Crew Socks have far more meaning than you might initially expect. In Homer's Iliad, Achilles had a problem...an Achilles' heel, if you will. When Achilles charged into battle to defeat Hector, the seemingly-unstoppable Trojan warrior, he required armor to replace the weaponry previously stolen by Hector.  Hephaestus, the god of metalworking and blacksmiths, responded to the need with the Shield of Achilles, a crafted piece of armor covered in the night sky's constellations.


20.All American Dad Men's Crew Sock $12.99

BBQ, Beer, Baseball, and Football - the All American Dad Men's Crew Socks starter pack.  Just in time for Summer and Father's Day.  Gift them to your first love...Dad.