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This is How I Roll Sports Socks - Ankle Socks for Women

This is How I Roll Sports Socks

You line up for the shot, take a deep breath and then take the perfect putt. The moment you made contact everyone else knew, but there was no surprise for you. That is why you wore This is How I Roll Sports Socks.

You’re on the green for one reason, to sink that shot. But there is no reason to only wear This is How I Roll Sports Socksout on the course, show off and gloat anywhere you go in these comfy ankle socks. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re feeling like a hole-in-one or a double bogey, This is How I Roll Sports Sockslet everyone know that you show up to play a serious round of golf. If you’re not so good at golf, you could still get them and wear them in an ironic kind of way, the sock is still pretty funny!

This product has been discontinued by our distributor! Get your pair before they're gone for good!

Style: Ankle Sport
 Sock size 9-11, fits women shoe size 4-10
Sock Maker: K.Bell
Materials: 70% Cotton, 28% Nylon, 2% Spandex
Country of Origin: China