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Taming of the Shoe Socks - Knee High Socks for Women

Taming of the Shoe Knee High Socks

Sockeo:Sockilette! How soft your Taming of the Shoe Knee High Socks! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Sockilette's sweet-smelling feet art mine sun. Arise, fair soles, and kill the envious pain in my calves, that is already sick and pale with grief. That thou, their wearer, art considering the acquisition of a pair of Taming of the Shoe Knee High Socks! Only fools would wear anything less; they must cast all else off!

Sockilette is my lady, O, she is my love! O that she knew she were! She speaks, yet she says nothing; is it the bliss of the sock that leaves her without speech?

See, how she leans her heel upon that clothed sock. O, that I were the Taming of the Shoe Knee-High Socks upon those feet. That I might touch that foot!

Sockilette:O Sockeo, Sockeo! Wherefore art thou Sockeo? Do not deny your feet and refuse thy comfort. Be sworn by the Taming of the Shoe Knee High Socks!

Style: Knee-High
Sock size 9-11 will fit a women's shoe size 5-10
Sock Maker: Sock It To Me
Materials: 59% cotton, 40% polyester, 1% spandex
Country of Origin: Korea