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Star Trek Kirk 360 Character Crew Socks for Men


Star Trek Kirk 360 Character Crew Socks for Men

Captain log: Stardate July, 12th 2018.  We are hovering over John's Crazy Socks. A wonderful online store with great people. Our prime directive from Star Fleet is that we cannot intervene with the folks there. Instead, we have made Kirk Socks to be sold on the site.   Dilithium crystals, matter/anti-matter reactors have been deployed by Scotty for this important mission as we had to transform our transparent aluminum socks to polyester. 

Please hide the Quadrotriticale from the tribbles should they arrive.

      Style: Crew
      Size: Fits most men shoe sizes 6-12
      Fiber Content: 98% Polyester, 2% Spandex
      Sock Maker: BioWorld
      Country of Origin: China

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      Brittany P.
      United States

      Socks for a present

      My father loves Star Trek so I was very excited to see the Star Trek socks on the website. I love what your store is all about and that John you are showing everyone that anything is possible. I am a special needs teacher and it makes me so happy that you are doing what you love to do!! Keep up the great work and can’t wait to buy from you again!!

      Gordon Perlow
      Sonoma, CA.

      Cat. Kirk socks

      John, This was a pleasure to buy socks. I no longer wear my old white socks. Now I am styling with "John's Crazy Socks". Just waiting for the Spock socks to arrive. Thanks

      Gordon P.
      United States

      My new socks

      John, I saw you and you dad on Fox & Friends. I was impressed with your work ethic and I bought some socks. I love them and I am about to order my Mr. Spock socks as we speak. Thanks, Gordon Semper Fi

      Jason M.
      United States

      Love John's Crazy Socks!!

      Bought Captain Kirk socks for my son who is Downs Syndrome. He saw John in TV and had to find his website. He lives the socket and we will be buying more as soon as the John Cena and WWE are back in stock. Fast shipping Great quality product. Go John and God bless!

      Teddie K.
      United States

      I love socks, and I love John.

      I love buying the socks for my family and myself. Always mention John when I am complimented wearing my socks. My husband and son who also has Down’s Syndrome love their socks. Life is good with socks from John.