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Slytherin HP Socks Women's Knee High Sock


Slytherin HP – Knee-High Socks for Women

Are you a Harry Potter Fan? Do you consider yourself a Slytherin? Are you cunning and ambitious? Well then, these Slytherin HP – Knee-High Socks for Women  are the perfect sock for you and your Harry Potter collection. Journey into the Dungeon of Hogwarts castle to find yourself in the Slytherin common room, there you will find famous Slytherin Alumni Professor Snape, Merlin, Tom Riddle or Voldemort & Draco Malfoy hexing these Slytherin HP – Knee-High Socks for Women.  Slytherin may be known as the house with all the dark wizards are from but you should wear your Slytherin HP – Knee-High Socks for Women with pride or else one of these wizards will perform an unforgivable curse on you! 

      Style: Knee-High Socks
      Fiber Content: 98% Polyester, 2% Spandex
      Size: Fits most women with shoe sizes 5-10
      Sock Maker: BioWorld
      Country of Origin: China