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Slugger Baseball Socks

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Slugger Baseball Socks

If you’re a baseball fan, then these Slugger Baseball Socks are for ideal for you. Decked out with baseball mitts bats and baseballs, these socks soak in all the glory of the nation’s pastime.  Perfect to wear to the ball park whether going to see a major league game or a Little League contest.

John’s a New York Mets fan and likes to watch games whether at Citi Field or on TV. And John always dresses for the occasion. He’s got t-shirts and jerseys bearing the names Matt Harvey, Noah Syndergaard and Curtis Granderson and likes to wear his baseball socks too. These Slugger Baseball Socks complete the outfit.

Just as baseball is the American pastime, these socks are made in the USA, hand-crafted by the folks at living Royal in Illinois.

Style: Crew

Size: Men with shoe sizes 6 - 13. Women with shoe sizes 4 through 12.
Sock Maker: Living Royal
Materials: 100% polyester

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