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Serve It Up Sports Socks - Ankle Socks for Women

Product Description

Serve It Up Sports Socks

Some people may think that Serve It Up Sports Socks are limited to wearing on the tennis court, but boy are they wrong. There are so many scenarios where theses socks can be used!

Of course, these socks can be used when you’re getting impatient waiting for your opponent to serve in tennis. But that use is obvious. Just do a quick spin and show them the back of your ankles, let them know they’re moving too slow for your Serve It Up Sports Socks.

Perhaps you just dropped a serious joke or someone has made the terrible decision of trying to challenge your abilities, just give your foot a twist and present them with your Serve It Up Sports Socks. These socks are an open invitation to the world to serve up whatever they can throw at you, because you can handle it.

Let them bring it, you’ve got no fear because you’ve got your Serve It Up Sports Socks.

Style: Ankle Sport
 Sock size 9-11, fits women shoe size 4-10
Sock Maker: K.Bell
Materials: 70% Cotton, 28% Nylon, 2% Spandex

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