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Planets Socks - Unisex Crew Socks

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Planets Socks

Are you having a hectic day? Are you in need of a little break? Look down at your feet and float away from it all to an imaginary universe with these Planets Socks. These Planets Socks feature six made-up planets, all embodying characteristics similar to those eight planets (sorry, Pluto) our solar system is composed of.

Did you know that the planets in our solar system are broken up into two categories? There are four terrestrial (rocky) planets that orbit closest to the sun (shout out to planet Earth), and four Jovian (gaseous) planets. Whether you’re looking to float away to another terrestrial planet, have a desire to see what a Jovian planet is like, or are on the hunt to find one of those undiscovered planets (Planet X, anyone?), these Planets Socks can take you on that journey and out of this world.

So go on, get ready, but don’t forget: how do you organize a party in space? You planet.

These are unisex socks made in the U.S. by Living Royal. 

Style: Crew
Size: One Size fits most. Will fit women's shoe size 4-12 and men's shoe size 6-13
Sock Maker: Living Royal
Materials: 100% Ployester

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