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Nefertiti Socks - Crew Socks for Women

Product Description

Nefertiti Socks 

If you are to wear these exquisite Nefertiti Socks you may like to be acquainted with the woman behind this noble image.  First, the significance of her name, a title she chose for herself: a beautiful woman has come.  If there is to be socks in our collection representing this era history, surely this beautiful woman would be adorning them as one of the most iconic symbols of glorious Egyptian antiquity.  Our proud queen’s renown has survived for over 3,300 years and it is only proper that now her image sits upon our Nefertiti Socks.  

For one so celebrated it is surprising we are only certain of a short period of her life.  She married at age 15 and seemed to disappear only 12 years later.  Historians speculate that at that time she began to take on the persona of a man so that she could reign as a pharaoh.  But pharaoh or queen, Nefertiti was, without a doubt, one of the most powerful women in the history of the world. She and her husband are remembered for establishing their own monotheistic religion, rather unusual at that time, declaring that the sun was the one important god.

Take a moment to admire the beautiful woman herself on the Nefertiti Socks: her long graceful neck, her classic headpiece. The picture is of a bust discovered in 1919 that miraculously endured throughout the years.  The sculpture is life size and in full color, in perfect symmetry and the subtile details of her expression make the centuries melt away.  The more her audience gazes upon her exquisitely molded face, the more human and contemporary she appears.  It’s easy to imagine her sitting before her subjects, declaring, “There is only one true God!”  Now the treasure of a Berlin museum, she is the sole work of art in a vast room, as if she is still in command.  Remember, as you wear these Nefertiti Socks, the image on them is a true work of art.

Now, 3,300 years later, Nefertiti would be joined by other powerful women.  In the year 2016, Forbes declared there were 11 women billionaires, 25 women CEO’s of major companies, 25 political leaders and 12 world leaders, all women. I like to think that each of them would be proud to wear Nefertiti Socks!

Cognac and Cigars- Men’s Crew Socks

A man who enjoys the finer things will certainly feel well taken care of in our Cognac and Cigars Socks.

Cognac is a rare commodity, unique and special, much like the wearer of these socks. You’ll often hear him spouting out words like “paradis” and “rancio” in conversation. The brandy-type is actually so much in demand, that the makers need to allocate their supply. Popular, just like him. Sophistication is the wearer of our Cognac and Cigars Socks’s middle name. Okay, it’s Frederic, but you get the picture.

These Cognac and Cigar Socks bring to mind darkened rooms and intense conversations, sitting in leather armchairs, surrounded by books. And tweed suits. And elbow patches. Okay, now I’m just thinking of Sigmund Freud, often shown in photographs in just such a room, wearing just such a thing, smoking his trusty cigar. He may have said that almost every object in the world is phallic in some way, but is quoted as saying, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

Style: Trouser
Size: Fits women’s shoe sizes 4 – 10 (Sock size 9-11)
Sock Maker: Hot Sox
Materials:  58% cotton, 39% nylon, 2% spandex, 1% rubber

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