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Love Bunny Socks – Crew Socks for Women

Love Bunny Socks

These Love Bunny Socksare here to let you know that somebody, (or rather, some bunny) loves you. Whether or not you like to admit it, chances are that you have a pet name for that special someone in your life. Maybe they’re your honey, your sweetie, your baby or babe. Or maybe they’re your love bunny. These Love Bunny Socksmake a sweet romantic gesture, and one that your special someone may not expect! Surprise that amazing person in your life not with flowers, or chocolates, or a giant teddy bear, but with a pair of pink socks, that with the help of a cute, sweet love bunny say exactly how you feel. You love your special someone and now you can say it loud and clear with these Love Bunny Socks.

These Love Bunny Sockscan be worn on Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, on a big date, or any day of the year when you want a little extra reminder of how loved you are, and how sweet your love is.

Size: These socks fit women shoe sizes 5-10
Sock Maker: Sock It To Me
Materials:  62% cotton, 36% polyester, 2% spandex
Country of Origin: Korea