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Leprechaun Socks Women's Crew Sock

Leprechaun Socks

These cute Leprechaun Socks will make your feet dance. They carry their own magic and who knows, maybe they’ll help you find that pot of gold.

We all know about the Leprechaun’s the creatures of Irish folklore who deal in mischief and hide their pot of gold. Catch one and he’ll grant you three wishes to bargain his freedom.

You may have a more personal and idiosyncratic connection with leprechauns. You may see a leprechaun and think of Notre Dame football or the horror movies that featured a demonic leprechaun. For John‘s Dad, Mark, the leprechauns make him think of his own father and the little league games he coached and called the Leprechauns. Those teams only get better in memory.

Wear these Leprechaun Socks and you can create your own special memories.

Size: Fits women shoe size 4 – 10 
Sock Maker: Eros (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Materials:80% polyester 10% nylon 10% Spandex
Country of Origin: China