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Ladybug Slipper Socks - Crew Socks for Children

Product Description

Ladybug Slipper Socks

They say it’s good luck when a Ladybug lands on your finger. It’s not unusual to make a wish when you see one of these cartoonish critters. Bright red with spotted wing covers, the ladybug is not just pleasing to look at, it’s also a useful plant protector. Ladybugs eat insects that eat plants. Maybe that’s why they’re considered lucky; farmers are lucky to have these little guys protecting their plants. Or maybe their lucky lore comes from the fact that it’s so hard not to smile when you see a ladybug. Our Ladybug Slipper Socks offer protection, too, not for plants but for your little guys. Beneath their comfy, cozy, cute ladybug styled tops, these socks sport no-skid, grippy bottoms. So put these adorable little bugs on your adorable little bugs and let them run and jump around with confidence. It won’t be a matter of luck when their feet stick to the ground.

Style: Slipper
Size: Sock size 6-8.5, will fit a child's shoe size 7.5-13
Sock Maker: K.Bell
Materials: 85% Acrylic,  10% Polyester, 5% Spandex

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