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White Green Shamrocks Crew Socks -- Crew Socks for Women

White Green Shamrocks Socks

How lucky will you feel wearing these White Green Shamrocks Socks? They’re ideal for any spring day or anytime you need some good fortune. Of course, these Small Green Shamrocks Socks are a natural for St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick’s day is the one day of the year when we’re all Irish. We can parade down the streets and celebrate. It’s a great day for the wearing of the green and these White Green Shamrocks Socks are a perfect addition to your St. Patrick’s outfit.

On a serious note, you do know that St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland? While he did not actually drive the snakes out of Ireland (that is a myth), he did use the shamrock to preach the gospels, using the three leaves to teach about the Holy Trinity.

Size: Fits women shoe size 4 – 10
Sock Maker: Eros (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Materials:80% polyester 10% nylon 10% Spandex
Country of Origin: China