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Fallout Socks Unisex Ankle Sock


Fallout Socks Unisex Ankle Sock

If you are a fan of the Bethesda Series Fallout, then we here at John’s Crazy Socks have the perfect addition to your crazy sock collection. These Fallout Socks Unisex Ankle Socks  are so comfortable that even a trip in the irradiated Wastelands of Fallout will seem like a walk in the park. Great for the warmer weather, these socks will keep you comfortable and cool. Wear these Fallout Socks Unisex Ankle Sock  to your next game night and show off your Fallout fandom. War never changes and you will never want to change your socks when you’re wearing you’re Fallout Socks Unisex Ankle Sock.

Style: Unisex Ankle Socks 
Fiber Content: 98% Polyester, 2% Spandex
Size: Fits most men with shoe sizes 5-8; Fits most women with shoe sizes 5-10; Fits most children ages 7-10
Country of Origin: China
Sock Maker: BioWorld