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Dungeons & Dragons Socks Unisex Ankle Sock Pack


Dungeons & Dragons Unisex Ankle Socks - 3 Pack

The greatest sock set for fans of one of the most favorite games ever!  Our Dungeons & Dragons Unisex Ankle Socks are not only beautiful and comfortable but they celebrate the love that many have for all things Dungeons & Dragons! With Successful shows such as Stranger things and Critical role DND is back and better then ever.

These unisex socks fit most older children [juniors] and women and men with smaller feet.  Show your love for this classic game with these Dungeons & Dragons Unisex Ankle Socks!

Style: Unisex Ankle Socks 
Fiber Content: 98% Polyester, 2% Spandex
Size: Fits most men with shoe sizes 5-8; Fits most women with shoe sizes 5-10; Fits most children ages 7-10
Country of Origin: China
Sock Maker: BioWorld