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Dreidel Dog Hanukkah Socks - Crew Socks for Women

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Dreidel Dog Hanukkah Socks

Dreidel Dog Hanukkah Socks are more than mere socks, but are actually slipper-socks with a non-slip sole.  Nor are they simply slipper-socks, because they carry a beautiful and important message!  The colors, the star of David on the bottom and the dreidel on the ankle all speak of a rich Jewish tradition.

The cute pup upon the Dreidel Dog Hanukkah Socks adds a bit of playfulness to the design and, although the socks are for women and men, hopefully children will become familiar with the meaning behind them.

Probably meant to be worn by people of the Jewish faith during the season of Hanukkah, I feel any adult would make a statement by wearing Dreidel Dog Hanukkah Socks at any time.  As neighbors on a small planet, we—and especially our children—need to learn our unique histories and beliefs.

You don’t have to be Jewish to give the small dreidel top a spin!  The very word, “dreidel” means “to turn around” and I know children who aren’t Jewish, yet enjoy playing the dreidel game with M&M’s or chocolate coins. When a child is holding all the candy, he or she wins. It’s possible for Dreidel Dog Hanukkah Socks to spark a conversation, even between strangers, because the dreidel is one of the most well-known symbols of Hanukkah and everyone likes a game of chance. Children need to discover how enjoyable a good, old-fashioned (thousands-years-old!) toy can be, without batteries!  

While showing off your Dreidel Dog Hanukkah Socks, you can explain a little of the Hanukkah miracle so long ago, of the small jar of oil that kept the temple fire burning for eight days and nights.  Then “spin” the legend of how the dreidel had been born at a time when the Jewish people had been overtaken by Syrian/Greek rule and they’d been forbidden to study.  The Jews would mask their sharing of the sacred scriptures by playing with a spinning-top gambling device.  The troops would see gamblers instead of serious scholars and never realize what these holy men were actually doing.

Now, more than ever, it seems we need an appreciation and sharing of our multicultural traditions.  These Dreidel Dog Hanukkah Socks can help.

Style: Crew
 Fits a men's shoe size 6-12.5. Women's shoe size 4-10.5
Sock Maker: HotSocks
Materials: 68% Cotton, 20% Polyester, 10% Nylon, 2% Spandex Exclusive of Elastic

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