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Donut Socks Ankle Sock

Donut Socks

Now you can wear donuts instead of eating them - FAT-FREE! Look at the delicious donuts floating by on these Donut Socks. They appear as if in a dream ready for you to pull on these sweet socks. You could wax poetic about the vanilla frosting with sprinkles. You can daydream about the jelly-filled donuts and how perfect they would taste. And there’s no guilt, no calories over which to fret, only pure pleasure.

These are unisex socks that fit men and women equally well because men and women love donuts equally well.

TIP: Search for our Coffee socks for the perfect complimentary combo.

These socks come from Living Royal and are made right here in the USA.

Style: Ankle
Size:  Women with shoe sizes 4 through 8 and most children, sizes 2 – 10. 
Sock Maker: Living Royal (USA)
Materials: 100% polyester
Country of Origin: USA