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Dinos in Space Socks - Knee High Socks for Women

Dinos in Space Knee High Socks

These Dinos in Space Knee High Socks are a great conversation starter! Did the dinosaurs really go extinct 65 millions years ago? What if that wasn’t true? Maybe the dinosaurs spent their nights on Earth looking up at the stars and thought, “that’s where we have to go!” Believe what you will, but these Dinos in Space Knee High Socks pose some interesting and fun questions: What if the dinosaurs were smarter than what any of us thought was possible? What if they learned how to craft spaceships and spacesuits for a big adventure throughout the Milky Way? What if there really are dinosaurs out there in space, searching for a new planet, for a new Jurassic world to call home? What if instead of aliens, it was dinosaurs sending signs of UFOs to Earth? These Dinos in Space Knee High Socks pose endless possible questions; and are the perfect sock for lovers of science fiction, fantasy, debates, dinosaurs, and space alike.

Style:Knee High
Size: These socks fit women shoe sizes 5-10
Sock Maker: Sock It To Me
Materials:  56% Cotton, 42% polyester, 2% spandex