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Daddy & Me Original & Remix Socks -- Adult and Children Socks

Daddy and Me Original & Remix Socks 

We present to you the quintessential sock for Fathers and Sons: Daddy and Me Original & Remix Socks. Each order of these royal-purple socks comes with a pair for Daddy and a pair for Sonny. So Pops and Junior can show the world who's who and what's what. Everything's in the right place with these gorgeous Daddy and Me socks from Piero Liventi. Buy yours today!

A warning to sons: Don't let Daddy catch you wearing his socks!

Style: Crew
Size: Men's L fits shoe sizes 9-12 ; Baby Size 1-2y
Sock Maker: Piero Liventi
Materials: 90% Cotton, 5% Polyamide, 5% Spandex
Country of Origin: Venezuela