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Cool Cat Socks - Crew Socks for Men


Cool Cat Socks

There are lots of guys out there who never think of shopping for their own clothes, but I’ll bet if the women in their lives presented them with Cool Cat Socks; husbands, sons and brothers would truly enjoy them.  The first thing they’d notice are the colors.  The rich blue or black are certainly colors a man would gravitate towards. No problem there.  But when left on their own, it wouldn’t occur to most men to select socks with cats in sunglasses.  This is where they need a woman’s support and guidance.  

These Cool Cat Socks would be appreciated no matter how men might feel, personally, about cats.  My dad would have loved them and I can’t tell you how many kittens we’d hide from him when we were kids.  He grumbled and called them all “Buster” (and a lot worse) no matter what we named them.  Actually, the cats’ expressions on these socks remind me of him.  But even HE would’ve liked Cool Cat Socks.     

There was one cool cat my dad enjoyed.  We’d watch the Top Cat  cartoon TV show with my brothers, back in the ’60’s.  It was gone after only 30 episodes and we missed it.  TC was a New York alley cat, always trying to make money through tricking people.  I remember thinking, if he put all that energy into working, he’d be rich. No doubt TC would insist that he was the model for the cat images on our Cool Cat Socks. In spite of his get-rich-quick schemes, TC was always lovable as most cool cats are under the surface, where it counts.

I met an actual cool cat not long ago, little more than a kitten, that had been abandoned.  After some searching I discovered Little Shelter only six miles from my home!  Because he was still young, the shelter assured me they would examine him, administer medication, then socialize him in a foster home and, hopefully, he’d be adopted.  Once I saw this facility up close, I was so impressed that I volunteered for as long as I could there. Surprisingly, there are quite a few men helping out on the six acres of buildings and woodland.  All of them deserve at least one pair of Cool Cat SockseachThe coolest people in the world are those who give of themselves like the volunteers at Little Shelter.

Style: Crew
 Fits a men's shoe size 6-12.5
Sock Maker: HotSocks (Mount Airy, North Carolina)
Materials: 48% Cotton, 32% Polyester, 18% Nylon, 2% Spandex Exclusive of Elastic
Country of Origin: South Korea