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Clover Socks - Crew Socks for Women

Clover Socks 

I’d love two pairs of these Clover Socks, one in green and one in black.  Anyone out there feel like gifting me for St. Patrick’s Day?  True, I’m not Irish, but always held the belief that, through just a little magic, we’re all Irish on March 17.  

The short story, The Quiet Man was in my high school text book and I fell in love with it.  Imagine my delight to discover the 1952 movie!  Maureen O’Hara was born to play Mary Kate Danaher, although no feminist today would touch this role.  The lush, Cong County countryside was equally stunning. The fields, the sheep, the cottages—it’s as if Ireland herself was a character and I believe much of the film’s sites and buildings have been preserved. If you haven’t seen this gem in a while, it’s easy to find—but don’t sit down without a pot of tea and a pair of Clover Socks

This date may be one of leprechauns and rainbows but the Clover Socks are a way to remember that, side by side with the magic, is St. Patrick’s thousand miracles.  Yes! Driving the snakes from Ireland was only one of his thousand supernatural signs and wonders.  During his lifetime (the 5th century) this missionary bishop seemed to specialize in raising dead people, no matter how long they’d been dead, as well as a horse!  I’m afraid we have more legends about Patrick than we do facts. But we are certain of this Welshman’s deep love for God as well as an enduring commitment to the Irish people.  

Now the real magic of our Clover Socks is that they’d be perfectly suitable at any time.  I’d feel comfortable wearing them during the spring or summer, when I’m spending hours at a desk or in the kitchen and wish I were wandering through a green field.  A song, written many years ago, expresses this perfectly:

Skylark, have you seen a valley green with spring, 
Where my heart can go a-journeying, 
Over the shadows and the rain 
To a blossom covered lane…

We are all in need of a break from the nuts and bolts of work and people.  We are all in need of a breath of clover.  Clover Socks are a reminder that we can still believe in magic and miracles.

Size: Sock size 9-11 will fit a women's shoe size 4-10.5
Sock Maker: HotSox
Materials: 52% Cotton, 25% Nylon, 21% Polyester, 2% Spandex

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