Spreading Happiness through Socks

Bam Pow! Socks - Crew Socks for Men

Product Description

Bam Pow! Socks

We've all been there, shadowboxing in the bathroom before a big presentation: Bam Pow! Bam Pow! No one is judging you for your psych-up ritual. However, they will judge you if you walk into the boardroom making sound effects and throwing punches. Keep a little of that psyched-up Bam Pow! action tucked neatly beneath your trousers with these Bam Pow! socks. Feel the confidence coming from the classic comic book style sound bubbles on your feet. The key is to keep that energy sublevel. Let it bubble beneath the surface. Then, when someone asks a question, whip out the answer like Bam Pow! and knock it out of the park! 

Style: Crew
Size: Fits men’s shoe sizes 7 to 12.5
Sock Maker: Socksmith
Materials:  70% cotton, 27% nylon, 3% spandex

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