Open Position: Happiness Packer (a.k.a. Warehouse Packer)

Happiness Packer (a.k.a. Packer in Our Warehouse)

The job in a nutshell: Our Happiness Packers verify the accuracy of an order, pick it up and ship it to our customers. We use our computer system to check the accuracy of each order. Our shipping program prints mailing labels. Accurate orders shipped fast are essential to our mission of spreading happiness. The work of our Happiness Packers is essential to our mission of spreading happiness.


We’re in the business of spreading happiness. To do that, we need to fulfill orders for socks and ship them to our customers. We need to do it quickly and accurately.  Our Happiness Packers help make that happen. 

We want John’s Crazy Socks to be a great place to work and a place where each of us can do our best work. We are seeking people who view this opportunity as not just a job, not just a good career move, but a calling to make a difference in the world. Does this sound right for you? 

Here are the three criteria we will consider in hiring a person for this role: 

  1. Mission: Do you understand and believe in our mission?
  2. Culture: Do you share our values so that you will be a good fit in our organization and our organization will be the place where you can do your best work?
  3. Skills: Do you have the skills to do the work?

Skills matter, but we have learned that culture and mission matter more. We have a diverse workforce and value diversity. 

John and our Team

Here are the main functions that our Happiness Packages provide: 

  • Scan a retail order into our system
  • Verify that all ordered products are present
  • Retrieve correct items to replace incorrect items
  • Add the products to the package
  • Add our inserts (candy, thank you card, etc.) to the package
  • Add notes or special gifts as necessary
  • Print and apply a mailing label
  • Seal the package
  • Print labels for all daily sock of the month shipments
  • Apply labels to each sock of the month package
  • Process international shipments through alternative shipping system
  • Place sealed and labeled packages in each appropriate USPS mail bag [first class/priority/express/international]
  • Bring mailbags to pickup area in the warehouse
  • Stock the workstation with supplies and clean workstation before the end of the shift

What is it like to work here? We invite you to share our mission to spread happiness and show what people with differing abilities can do. We work in a collegial environment that is fast paced, but not stressed out. We enjoy each other’s company. We work with meaning and purpose and share the happiness.   

Here are the traits that people who succeed here demonstrate: 

  • Buy into the mission of delivering happiness through socks
  • Commit to excellence
  • Never simply process, always look to do great work
  • Learn, learn, and keep learning
  • Work with the team as all of us are smarter than any one of us
  • Believe in personal responsibility
  • Look for ways to deliver WOWs
  • Have fun


     Job requirements 

    • Enthusiasm for the mission and job
    • Ability to read a picking slip
    • Ability to use a scanner
    • Good manual dexterity to be able to handle items and fill packages
    • The ability to work independently (we do not micro-manage)
    • The ability to work well with others
    • Ability to work hard

    Here is what we offer: 

    • Work with meaning and purpose
    • A positive work environment
    • Competitive pay – start at $18 per hour
    • Full time employees receive full benefits
    • Staff lunch every Friday
    • Bagel Tuesday
    • A job you can enjoy and can make you feel proud

    Our staff

    We think it is a great role and that this is a great place to work. But we are not for everyone. Consider the information we share and investigate our company (website, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, ask around). If what you learn excites you, then we urge you to apply. 

    If you think we are the right place for you and this is the right job for you, we would love to hear from you. Please follow these instructions: 

    1. Write a cover letter. In the letter, explain why you want this job and why you are the right person for this job.
    2. Attach a resume.
    3. Send the cover letter and resume to
    4. Please do not call or walk in.
    5. We will not accept resumes without a cover letter.

    Thanks for considering John’s Crazy Socks.

    Staff with donation to the Special Olympics



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