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Job Posting: Happiness Packer (Seasonal)

We’re in the business of spreading happiness through socks. To do that, we need to fulfill orders for socks and ship them to our customers as fast as possible. We need to ensure that our orders are accurate and shipped quickly because that’s how we make customers happy.  Our Happiness Packers are essential to this process because they pack the orders for us to ship. 

As a Happiness Packer, you will: 

  • Package happiness
  • Add inserts such as thank you cards, discount cards and candy
  • Print and apply mailing labels
  • Provide feedback to the Sock Wranglers so they can improve their picking accuracy
  • Find ways to further personalize the orders sent to customers
  • Assist in organizing the warehouse

We work in a collegial environment that is fast-paced, but not stressed out. We enjoy each other’s company. We work with meaning and purpose and share the happiness. We will provide the training and tools, so you can do a great job. We want to “WOW” our customers, and you will be a key part of that effort.

We are hiring for seasonal work though it could lead to an offer for full-time work. We have four-hour time slots and full-time time slots. We can be flexible on the number of days worked, though you must be able to work at least three days per week. During November and December, we operate Monday through Saturday.

Here is what we offer: 

  • Work with meaning and purpose
  • Positive work environment
  • Competitive pay 
  • Benefits for Full-Time Employees
  • Staff lunch every Friday
  • Bagel Wednesday
  • Lunch and Learn Series
  • Learning opportunities
  • Opportunities for advancement as we grow
  • A job you can enjoy and can make you feel proud

 Here are the traits that people who succeed here demonstrate: 

  • Buy into the mission of delivering happiness through socks
  • Commit to excellence
  • Never simply process, always look to do great work
  • Learn, learn, and keep learning
  • Work with the team as all of us are smarter than any one of us
  • Believe in personal responsibility
  • Look for ways to deliver happiness
  • Have fun

 Job requirements 

  • Enthusiasm for the mission and job
  • Ability to work hard
  • Must be able to lift 25-pound boxes and carry them 15 feet

Our Hiring Process 

  1. Submit a cover letter and resume via email.
  2. Come for an interview
  3. Shadow a current Sock Wrangler to learn the job
  4. Pass the Happiness Packers test: pack 12 orders in 15 minutes or less and be 100 percent accurate

You can take as long as you like to prepare for the test. We want you to pass the test. However, we will not pay you until you pass the test. 

Does this job sound right for you? Here is how to apply: Send a resume and a cover letter explaining why you want this job to  (Please do not call or walk in.)