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John's Crazy Socks - In the Media

Fox News Martha Maccallum - 'John's Crazy Socks' founder remembers George H.W. Bush

December 5th, 2018 -

CNBC - This millennial won’t let Down Syndrome stop him from running a million-dollar sock business

October 22, 2018 -

Microsoft - John’s Crazy Socks shows what people with disabilities can achieve

October 22, 2018 - John Cronin knew he wanted to start a business with his dad after high school but needed a killer idea...

Capitol Hill - U.S. Helsinki Commission

September 24, 2018 - Briefing - A Truly Inclusive Society.

Fox and Friends - Spreading Happiness

Jul. 29, 2018 - John Cronin, an entrepreneur living with Down syndrome, is joined by his father to discuss John's Crazy Socks on 'Fox & Friends.' Father and son built a $4 million sock empire together.

Global News CA - Mission to spread happiness

Jul. 28, 2018 -Down syndrome didn’t stop this man from growing a multimillion-dollar sock company with his dad. A father and son team have grown their year-and-a-half-old sock business into a US$4-million empire called John’s Crazy Socks, all based on a simple mission statement: to “spread happiness.”

New York Post - Founder of million-dollar sock company is breaking down stereotypes

July 5, 2018
There’s nothing crazy about this business model. John’s Crazy Socks — founded by a father and his son with Down syndrome — earned $1.7 million in revenue in its first year. George Bush, Justin Trudeau and allegedly Bob Dylan all have a pair.

presidant george h bush

CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor

June 27th 2018 - John Cronin always loved socks. So when he decided to start a business with his father, they knew they had to feature John's passion. As Jim Axelrod explains, their venture quickly got the attention of some famous fans.

presidant george h bush

CBC News, Calgary -  They've raised $130K for charity and their mission is 'just spreading happiness'

June 19th 2018 - Crazy socks startup creates a sense of possibility for differently abled. Mark Cronin and his son John receive white hats from Mayor Nenshi in a ceremony.

Capitol Hill - John Cronin Addresses the House Small Business Committee Hearing 

May 9, 2018 The Committee on Small Business will meet for a hearing titled, “Ready, Willing, and Able to Work: How Small Businesses Empower People with Developmental Disabilities. The purpose of the hearing is to examine the role small businesses have played in employing individuals with differing abilities and the lessons that have been learned. John Cronin starts speaking at 23:10 minutes in the video below.

Google - A father-son business is creating jobs, and spreading happiness, through socks

June 17th 2018 Mark and John Cronin started a company with a unique mission: spreading happiness through socks. John has Down syndrome and John's father, Mark, was inspired to go into business with his son to empower him to have a high-quality job and subsequently, to create high-quality jobs for others with different abilities. With the help of Google Ads, they turned their seasonal business into one that operates year-round and has customers in 44 countries.

NBR - Bright Ideas: John's Crazy Socks

Nightly Business Report - Mar 12, 2018 Airs on CNBC and NPR. A young entrepreneur with Down’s syndrome teamed up with his father on a venture to get more people with disabilities into the workforce. Their bright idea turned into a million dollar business. Tyler Mathisen has their story.

ABC News - Sock business is booming for man with Down syndrome

May 3, 2017  It’s a company with a straightforward mission: Make people happy through socks.

The colorful footwear sold by John’s Crazy Socks is certainly unique not only for its designs but also for the person who came up with the company.

John Cronin, 21, of Huntington, New York, has Down syndrome — and his company could make as much as a million dollars in revenue before it closes out its first year of business.
Also at The Mighty:

CTV - Man with Down syndrome owns multi-million-dollar sock business

CTV Canada -  April 12, 2018.>John Cronin likes socks – the crazier, the better The quirky idea quickly grew into a successful, multi-million-dollar business. Cronin now has 1,200 designs that are sold across the world and worn by the likes of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

BBC - What we're doing is spreading happiness

 January 12th 2018  Meet John Cronin, co-founder of John's Crazy Socks. The 21-year-old, who has Down's syndrome, runs his online sock store with his dad, Mark.

In their first year, they've made $1.4m in revenue and shipped socks to customers including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and former US President George HW Bush.

Fox Business News: Down syndrome entrepreneur sews successful six figure sock empire

Oct. 16, 2017  - John Cronin, a 21-year-old entrepreneur with Down syndrome has one motto “socks, socks and more socks!” Go inside his $1.3 million sock empire, John’s Crazy Socks, and learn about his mission to overcome challenges and hire people with disabilities.

Fox5 NY: John's Crazy Socks

Oct. 1, 2017  - John Cronin has turned his passion for socks into a booming business