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LUCKY CAT SOCKS Women's Crew Sock

Lucky Cat Socks

The maneki-neko is proudly displayed on these Lucky Cat Socks so that your feet can reap all the rewards that luck may provide.  The iconic figurine, maneki-neko, translates to “beckoning cat,” which relates to the fact that the cat is displaying the Japanese gesture for beckoning, rather than a wave that many Westerners might perceive.

Since there are different views on which raised paw correlates to wealth and which to luck, why not perceive it differently based on your situation?  Or why not intertwine them!  Nervous about approaching your boss about a well-deserved raise? Trying to decide which lottery scratch-off to pick at the convenience store?  Your Lucky Cat Socks may give you the luck you need to acquire the wealth you crave.

Or you can leave the stories behind the maneki-neko to others and simply enjoy the irresistible cuteness of the Lucky Cat Socks. You don't have to count on luck for these socks to wind up being your favorites.

Style: Crew
 Sock size 4-11 will fit a women's shoe size 4-10
Sock Maker: Foot Traffic (Kansas City, Missouri)
Materials: 65% Cotton, 15% Nylon, 15% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Country of Origin: Taiwan

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