Teddy Roosevelt Socks Men's Crew Socks

Teddy Roosevelt Socks - Men's Crew Socks 

Who doesn't love the 26th President of the United States?  Wear these Teddy Roosevelt Socks proudly to show your affection for the man who was not only a politician, but also a conservationist, naturalist, writer and war hero!  No wonder he is one of the four presidents depicted on Mount Rushmore.

These classic black and grey Teddy Roosevelt Socks belie the man's love of adventure.  If he was a 21st century man, you can be sure that the socks Teddy Roosevelt would wear would be wild, wacky and colorful - just like him!

Size: Fits most men shoe sizes 7-12.5
Sock Maker: Socksmith (Santa Cruz, California)
Materials:  70% cotton, 27% nylon, 3% spandex
Country of Origin: South Korea


Teddy Roosevelt Socks Men's Crew Socks