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Purple & Grey Fun Stripes Firm Compression Socks Unisex Knee High Sock

Purple & Grey Fun Stripes Firm Compression Socks

Unisex - Men and Women Sizes

Purple & Grey Fun Stripes Firm Compression Socks put a little spark in days when you’re just not feeling it. Do you ever wake up and wish you could hit the snooze button at least a thousand more times? You pull yourself out of bed and try to get dressed thinking, “why? Why? Why do I have to do this?” You put on your work uniform—whether it’s an official uniform or the unofficial, go-to dark jeans and button up you wear every day and feel as though all hope might be lost. Then you see them. Purple & Grey Fun Stripes Firm Compression Socks. Your day just got a whole lot more interesting. Covered in purple and gray stripes with a few poppin’ bands of turquoise to accent the situation, Purple & Grey Fun Stripes Firm Compression Socks offer 20-30mmHg of support with all the quirk and class you could ask for. So slip them on for the boost you need to kick your day up a notch or two. And, you know, to will yourself out of your house.

Also available in MILD/MODERATE compression - 15-20 mmHg!

Small fits women's shoe sizes 5-7, men's 3.5-5.5, and calf sizes of 11-15”.
Medium fits women's shoe sizes 7.5-9.5, men's 6-8, and calf sizes 12-16” .
Large fits women's shoe sizes 10-12, men's 8.5-10.5, and calf sizes 13-17”.
Wide calf fits women's shoe sizes 5-12, men's 3.5-10.5, and calf sizes 18-22”.

Style: Knee High
Sock Maker: VIM&VIGR
Materials: 82% Nylon,18% Spandex
Country of Origin: Taiwan

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