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Four Leaf Clover Socks Unisex Crew Sock

Four Leaf Clover Socks

These Four Leaf Clover Socks are bursting with green clovers and are bound to bring you good luck.  

Everyone knows the four leaf clovers symbolize good luck. In part, that’s because four leaf clovers are relatively rare and to find one brings good fortune. Each leaf represents a specific virtue: hope, faith, love and luck.

Did you know that there is a legend that Eve carried a four leaf clover out of Eden? Thus to hold a four leaf clover is to touch a bit of paradise.

In the Middle Ages, rumor had it that if you carried a four leaf clover you could see fairies. Others said the Druids carried four leaf clovers to let them see and avoid evil spirits.

A four leaf clover is not a shamrock, which only has three leaves. The shamrock is associated with St. Patrick because he used it to explain the Holy Trinity. Nonetheless, the four leaf clover has been associated with St. Patrick’s Day because it is green, a sign of spring and brings good luck.

These Four Leaf Clover Socksmay make you think of Ireland, but they were made right here in the United States.

Size: Women with shoe sizes 4 through 12. Men with shoe sizes 6 - 13. Children sizes 2 – 10.
Sock Maker: Living Royal (Wheeling, Illinois)
Materials: 100% polyester
Country of Origin: USA

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