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Mr. Fix It Socks Men’s Crew Sock

Mr. Fix It Socks

You know the kind of guy who’ll wear Mr. Fix It Socks and can handle any emergency? Who loves holding a hammer or getting under a sink on his day off?  Well, this isn’t that guy.  Our Mr. Fix It looks like he’s assaulted one too many flowers in his time. I find these socks the most humorous of the men’s collection, simply because of Mr. Fix It’s expression.  The illustration is so subtle, everyone wearing the Mr. Fix It Socks can decide for himself: is it apathy he’s feeling?  Boredom?  Has he decided to let the chain saw win and given up?

When you are coming to someone’s rescue, you’ll certainly do it more cheerfully in these Mr. Fix It Socks.

I have a friend whose son was never a great student, but he’s a master with tools.  He now heads the maintenance crew for a Florida hotel.  He once told me, “I’m a hero to the guests.  Everyone’s always happy when I show up.  What more could I want for a profession?”

If you’re going to be someone’s hero, these Mr. Fix It Socks should come along for the project.  

There are so many other ways the world needs Mr. Fix It men, not just around the house, but all the time.  You may have your Mr. Fix It Socks on when someone calls out for your shoulder and a listening ear.  Let’s hope Mr. Fix It is able to hear that call and respond.

Note: "Mr. Fix It" appears on only the right-hand side of both socks.

Size: These men's crew socks fit men's shoe sizes 7-12
Sock Maker: Blue Q (Pittsfield, Massachusetts)
Materials: 59% Combed Cotton, 38% Nylon, 3% Spandex
Country of Origin: China


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